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What does it mean to be the Team Manager in Little League baseball? Is the job tough? Do I have to know ALL of the rules of baseball and the different rules applied to Little League games?

All of these things are certainly helpful, but lets break down why they are helpful. After all, there are many different ways a Team Manager can elevate themselves from average Little League manager, to superstar manager that is loved and adored, by both parents and players.

Let's start with a definition: What is a facilitator?

A facilitator is a person who helps a group of people to work together better, understand their common objectives, and plan how to achieve these objectives, during meetings or discussions. In doing so, the facilitator remains "neutral", meaning they do not take a particular position in the discussion.

The manager’s job isn’t so much focused on the game outside of the game, you’re more focused on the flow of your team and building your plans.

If the team is the monument - you are the sculptor

 You delegate, assign, and work with your coaches to develop practice plans, lineups, equipment maintaining and providing, etc.

Wait - so, if the Team Manager is just there to carry the clipboard and bring the equipment:
Where does the coaching part come in?

The best moto, is your more “hands off” coaching, but your expertise makes you vital in key one on one situations with players, where you can see their struggle or difficulty with something, and maybe pull that player out and work with him one on one, while your head coach and assistant coach continue to run your designed practice plan.

The best managers tend to let their coaches hold the reins on practice, while they are present, observant, and taking notes.

If you're talking to your teams parents about an upcoming event (say, Opening Day for example), you want to know that your Head & Assistant coaches are behind you on the diamond, they know the plan or mechanics you're working on that day, and you can freely speak to parents while a great practice is still going on without you being directly involved.

  • Builds the team through the player draft. Evaluates players during the player tryout, required to have important documents on their person i.e. Medical forms at games, etc.

  • Builds lineups, controls production, sets the tone, pace, and flow for team, practices, and games

  • Communicates with parents or team parent on how to best communicate with parents, communicates with parents or delegates task(s) with team parent on game / practice cancellation, contacting parents.

  • Communicates with League officials on all things pertaining to the team: you are the lead contact and what goes up the chain comes from you; what comes down the chain, goes to you, to distribute / communicate to your coaches, parents, and players


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